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What Are UTM Codes and Why Should You Use Them

When your business has a website, it takes work to make it successful and to drive traffic to the actual site. Google Analytics is a great tool when it comes to tracking and reporting your website traffic. Google Analytics is made up of all different codes and tools that make it successful.
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Our Favorite Websites Launched in 2017

One of our many services and expertise at Southern View Media is creating handcrafted web designs for your business. Our team of Web Developers spent 2017 creating some amazing interactive websites for our clients.

Engaging Your Facebook Posts

It’s easy to fall into the same routine. Managing a Facebook page requires consistent effort to get great results. Avoid falling into the trap of posting the same type of content with these suggestions, brought to you by Southern View Media.

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5 Hot Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Turn the heat up this summer by launching your most aggressive marketing campaign yet. Do you need some ideas to fuel your creativity? Southern View Media can help you with these campaign starters.

What is SEO and How Can I Make it Work for My Business?

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If you are reading this article, there’s a good chance that you typed in one or more words into Google and this page popped up toward the top of the list.

Blog Ideas

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Finding a blog subject week after week can be a challenge. Don’t get locked into a rut by answering the same questions or detailing the same situations


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So, you own your own business? When others hear this they often have wistful thoughts of how exciting it must be to be your own boss.

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6 Ways to Self–Promote Your Business Online

According to numerous reports over the last five years, 70-80 percent of Americans now shop online. So if you’re not online, then your company doesn’t theoretically exist.


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It started with the MySpace craze. All of a sudden everyone was putting his or her lives online. From there it was inevitable that the world itself would follow.


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Every business should have a vision statement. It is important. It tells what the purpose of the business is in the moment and where the future lies. In the same way, a content marketing strategy is critical for success. Anybody can open a Facebook page and share items of interest onto it.

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Ten Apps That Every Business Owner Should Be Using

If time is money, then you need the right tools to make every second count. Below are 10 must-have apps for your smartphone, computer, or tablet that can keep you organized, connected, and creative.


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It's the late-night question that keeps business owners awake over their lack of marketing success; “What do I do to help grow my business online?” There is no shortage of methods and channels to target your online marketing efforts. Some are very simple and others are highly complex in their execution.

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Best Practices for Creating Visual Content for Social Media

Thirteen milliseconds. That’s the amount of time it takes our brains to process a visual according to a study by MIT. In essence, that’s the amount of time you have to capture your target audience’s attention when it comes to visual content.
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“And, a happy New Year!” You may begin the year 2018 with this phrase, but have you stopped to ask yourself what you will need to truly make it a happy new year? Resolutions are an important element for creating joy, positive outcomes, and generating more income in 2018.
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Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

Thinking about including a blog as part of your marketing mix? You’re not alone! Blogs are a great way to increase traffic to your website, find social media material to share, and engage with your customers. It’s a fantastic New Year’s resolution and we’re glad you’re thinking about adding a blog. Here’s what you can look forward to:
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Using FB Messenger for Marketing

By now, you likely know the power of social media to grab your audience’s attention and help promote what you do each day. Facebook is an important driver of social media marketing, especially with its ability to schedule events, boost posts and target your audience specifically. Are you using Facebook to its full potential?
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Should You Outsource Your Marketing

If we told you the heart of a business’s success rests on their marketing plan, would you believe us? Well, it is true. You also know that there are companies out there who specialize in marketing and offer their services to help other businesses, right?
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Managing Threats from Competitors SEO

In today’s fast-moving world of information, if you’re not viable online then you will continually fall behind, unless of course, if you hire someone who is.
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LinkedIn Strategies to Attract Clients

Are you utilizing LinkedIn to the best of its capabilities? Are you posting content that will attract potential clients to your business? If not, you definitely should be! If you are not sure how, there are some strategies you can follow to attract clients.

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