What You NEED to Know About the Google Analytics Update

The tech world is constantly changing; for example, Facebook, Inc. is now Meta. TikTok continues to reign as the newest social media platform; streaming services are competing for customers. How are you, a business owner, supposed to keep track of it all? Well, we are here to help you understand one of the most recent updates to hit the digital marketing stratosphere: the latest Google Analytics updates.

Continue reading for a user-friendly breakdown of Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Why does this update matter?

Google Analytics 4 is a different type of property with different reports compared to Universal Analytics. Google Analytics 4 is event-based. This means that any type of interaction can be captured as an event, including views, events, social interactions and more. Consider re-establishing your data collection and measurements to align with this update!

What can not be transported in Google Analytics 4?

Fortunately, many of Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics’ properties coincide and work together. However, there are a few that change, such as data collection settings without an equivalent in Google Analytics 4. This includes custom tasks and timing. Control over IP anonymization is enabled by default.

Do I need Google Analytics 4?

We highly recommend that you add Google Analytics 4 to your existing Analytics account! GA4  runs simultaneously with Universal Analytics so that you can make the most of both assets.

How do I get started with Google Analytics 4?

Are you ready to take the plunge with the latest update? All you have to do is set up your website or app as a Google Analytics 4 property! If your site already has Analytics, then you can add Google Analytics 4 to it as well. The Google Support site has plenty of resources available to help guide you through the steps so that you can continue to track results on your website or app!

As the tech world grows, so do the opportunities to market and track your business. GA4 is another method of tracking that adds a different dimension to your results. We hope that you found this blog helpful to deciphering Google Analytics 4!

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