Digital Display Advertising

Digital Display advertising is a great way to build brand awareness and can also be a useful tool in generating new business.

Digital Display

What is Digital Display Advertising?

Digital Display advertising refers to the process of advertising a product or service in the form of a banner, image, video or text ad on websites and apps that allow them to use their platform to show ads. Consumers see digital display ads daily whether the ads are on the bottom of a weather app, on a mobile device or on the page of a favorite news site.

For instance, when a person clicks on a link to read a news article, as the page loads a bidding process begins. Advertisers have campaigns in place that are bidding on the user’s viewership based on many factors such as the content being viewed, the location of the user, user demographics, etc. In the blink of an eye, the winning ad is shown along with the news article.

Right On Target

A benefit to digital advertising is the ability to target the right user.

Example:  Women + Baldwin County + age 35-45 + parent + outdoor enthusiast + top 30% household income.

If you know a little about your most valuable customer, Southern View Media can help you reach them. Search engines have built databases to deliver relevant answers to questions and personalize the user experience to deliver ads more relevant to the user’s lifestyle. SVM accesses this data to ensure your ad reaches your target audience.

Build your brand

With millions of viewable digital impressions across millions of sites, apps and platforms, digital ads are a great way to build brand awareness. Consumers may not be in the market for your goods or services now, but if they are familiar with your company they are more likely to choose you over a competitor. Letting Southern View Media create an impression based campaign can spread your brand to a vast audience for a modest budget.

Why Choose Southern View Media To Do Your Digital Display Advertising?

Digital Display is a cost-effective way to build awareness and generate sales. Our team provides you with a custom proposal showing estimates of viewable impressions in the geographic area of your choosing. In addition to the number of available impressions, we provide the estimated traffic a digital display campaign will generate for your website. We do our research and set up a digital advertising campaign designed with impactful creative ads in a multitude of sizes to best convey your message. After implementation, SVM monitors and adjusts campaigns to optimize your budget on a daily basis. We provide full reporting on how the campaign is performing month to month. Campaign reporting provides a clear profile of your most profitable customer base. Start reaching your potential clients through digital display advertising today by contacting us at 251-517-9425.