Ads that are "over the top".

OTT, or “over-the-top” ads are videos delivered to people who watch video platforms like Hulu or Pluto. At Southern View Media, our team of advertising and video experts can get your message across to the masses watching TV online. More and more people are choosing to watch TV exclusively through their choice of online services, rather than cable. Cutting the cord is cost-effective, and generally offers better options as on-demand watching becomes the new norm. In fact, over 60% of young adults report watching TV through online services. This substantial rise in viewership has ushered in a brand new frontier of digital video advertising.


Why Run OTT Ads?

Target users precisely by location and demographics, as well as the content they enjoy.

Significantly boost your brand awareness with the high impression and reach rates of OTT ads.

Your audience will almost always receive your full message with video completion rates often between 90-100%.

Why Choose Southern View Media for Your OTT Ads?

Video ads can be complicated, but with Southern View Media it’s as easy as telling us what you want to see.

Work with advertising experts who have the connections and experience to manage complicated OTT campaigns.

Let us handle the marketing so you can get back to doing the work that is important to your business.

Quality video content is incredibly necessary when choosing OTT, that’s why we write, shoot and edit superior videos that will engage your target audience.

Our Video Process

1. Tell us everything! We will set up an initial consultation with you about the message and purpose of the video.

2. Our writers will create a script outlining the lines, shots and anything else you might need to know before beginning production.

3. Upon approval of the script, our producers will gather all the necessary equipment and materials, organize shooting times and create a production schedule.

4. Shooting! If you or your locations are involved, we will be on site and ready to make you and your space look immaculate on camera.

5. After the shooting, our editor will color correct and clip together the best takes and deliver the video back to you for approval.

6. After approval, we’ll launch it into the digital space for people to watch and enjoy!

As more viewers lean into streaming video content, OTT has become an amazing asset for businesses looking to make lasting impression.