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Do you ever wonder how you can grow your social media following to reach more potential and current customers?

Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing?

Creating and sharing content to social media platforms about your business is a form of internet marketing called Social Media Marketing. Social media is a huge outlet that can help spread the word about your business by gaining traffic through social media sites like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Youtube. The focus of many social media marketing campaigns and goals is to drive audience engagement and traffic to your business over your competitors. A combination of consistent branding, engagement and content will fuel a social media marketing campaign and reach your target audience.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If you are a small, local business and want to reach people without a huge national advertising campaign you can start small with social media marketing. By consistently branding your social networks to reflect your business, people will trust you and your company more easily.

Driving traffic to your social media networks does not happen overnight. By steadily gaining a following through current customers, a snowball effect seems to happen that can grow the engagement and traffic to your website and business. A steady and consistent amount of posting to the right audience will bring more people to your social networks, your website and your business.

If you have specials or promotional items you wish to advertise but don’t know where to start, social media can be perfect for you. By following the stages of consistent branding and driving traffic you can then promote content and specials that you are offering to a larger audience.

Why Do You Need It?

Having a website or Google listing is not a big enough guarantee people will find your business on the first try.

  • Increase website traffic
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Efforts
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Build relationship with your audience
  • Educate your consumer, so they are willing to spend more on your products or services
  • Improve referrals

Increase website traffic

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts

Raise brand awareness

Build a relationship with your audience

Educate your consumer, so they are willing to spend more on your products or services

Improve referrals

The more often potential customers have a chance to see and learn more about your business the better. By having multiple social media networks you can increase the traffic to your website in a relaxed setting. It’s hard to build brand loyalty and recognition out of thin air. More people are ready to trust a business with a strong social media following. If you’re asking yourself “how can I connect to my customers/ target audience” then social media marketing is perfect for you.

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Why Choose Southern View Media To Do Your Social Media Marketing?

Our tried and true strategy for social media includes meeting your audience’s needs by tailoring our content to their behaviors. Whether someone has never heard of you, just started following your page, finally commented on a post, or is a previous customer, we find a way to relate your content to each one of them. Start reaching your potential clients on social media today by contacting us at 251-517-9425.