Add a facebook admin

Hiring a new content creator or marketer for your business and want to know how to add someone as an admin for your Facebook page? It is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. Facebook’s featured settings allow you the flexibility to give someone a role, remove someone from a current role and change a role as well. Facebook administrators find many benefits in allowing their employees to take over. They can oversee different roles and you have the ability to assign those roles. Multiple people can also take on the Facebook page without it coinciding with another member.

Assign a Role (Must be admin on the page)

*Please note that all users must have a Facebook account and accept the invite from the admin themselves, otherwise, this method will not work.

Remove Someone From a Role

*Please be advised that the admin being removed from the page must approve your request first. Also, you cannot be the only page’s admin until another admin takes your space.

Change a Role

*Please be aware that new admins must wait a total of seven days before removing or dismissing another admin.

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