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Content and Copy Writing

Whether you are selling a product or services, dynamic and engaging content convinces both potential and current clients to spend money and time on your business. While creative graphic designs are important, they are nothing without well-written and engaging copy.

Why Content and Copy Writing are Important

Copy reflects your business's brand and personality.

Southern View Media relies on copywriters to deliver the intended message clearly, cohesively and in a conversational tone, while staying true to the voice or identity of the brand. Copywriting appears on websites, advertisements, social media posts, blogs, television spots and many other places.

Short copy is anything attached to social media posts, ads, and slogans and tag lines.

The annoying jingle you can’t get out your head- that’s effective copy. Short copy, such as a hashtag, is intended to get a point across in as few words as possible, that’s why Twitter only has 280 characters available. After all, not everyone has the time to read blocks of text.

Long copy is the best choice for consumers who do have extra time, or are browsing with an intended purpose.

Long copy includes websites, blogs, and press releases. Website copy should be small paragraphs to best convey the ideas behind your business, and should also persuade customers to trust you and your business. Blogs are a great form of engagement style copy and helps convince clients to trust you and your business. Ideally, blogs should be five hundred words minimum and include a variety of topics from how-to’s, reviews, or anything in between. Press releases are great for conveying information to professional media outlets, such as news networks. Press releases should also be written in the Associated Press style to best appeal to journalists and the media you’re addressing.

Have more than one pair of eyes proofread the copy before it's published!

The internet is forever, and so are simple grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Why Choose Southern View Media to do your content and copy writing?

The best type of copy, whether long or short, sells and convinces without the consumer realizing it. Our copy writers make sure your content is curated with exceptional detail and attention. Schedule a free consultation with Southern View Media today by calling (251) 517-9425!

Southern View Media - Content and Copy Writing

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