About Us

Who are we?

Southern View Media is a boutique creative and digital marketing agency that was created to help small to medium-sized businesses understand the complex world of marketing so they can make educated decisions to help grow their business. Our agency is a balance of talent, intuition and business sense. We implement media solutions based on client needs and use metrics to drive results. From standing out, to breaking into a market, we help consumers discover you and place your business at the forefront of their minds.

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What makes us different?

The Southern View Media difference comes from our team and our processes. At SVM, we work diligently throughout every level of the company’s hierarchy to ensure that standards are maintained and expectations are not just met but exceeded. We are effective because we are consistent, and we recognize the need to evolve with the ever changing landscape of marketing and digital advertising.

Meet the Team

Michelle Murrill
CEO and Creative Director
Brad Murrill - SVM

Brad Murrill

director of digital advertising

Leigh WEST

Vice President, strategy
Cheri Robertson - SVM

Cheri Robertson

Jonathan Smith - SVM

Jonathan Smith

Director, Production and Digital Strategy

Maggie Semski


Olivia Garrett


Daryl Evans

Assistant Creative Director

Melanie Harrison

Digital Strategist

Samantha Williams

Account Manager

Aryn Carr

Account Manager

Josh Warner

Graphic Designer/
Social Media Manager

Maria Lawrence

Graphic Designer/
Social Media Manager

Mari Tirado

Graphic Designer/
Social Media Manager

Heather Peoples

Account Management Assistant

Mackenzie Burnett

Content Writer