Biloxi, MS


Today, Biloxi is famous for its gorgeous beaches and enticing casinos! It is one of the fastest-growing cities along the Gulf Coast, because its residents provide a warm welcome to new businesses and visitors from all around the world. As the city continues to grow, it also honors its past. Biloxi is commonly known as the “City of Eight Flags”. Under each of the flags–France, England, Spain, Republic of West Florida, Confederate States of America, United States of America, Mississippi State and the Magnolia State flag–the city continues to shine and move towards a brilliant future!

Biloxi was originally inhabited by Native American tribes; archaeologists recently uncovered artifacts depicting the four major periods of Native American history. On February 13, 1699, Pierre Le Monye Sieur D’Iberville landed in present-day Biloxi and quickly befriended the natives. Since then, Biloxi has had several leadership changes but has kept the name of Biloxi to honor the tribe that began the settlement. The city has faced several hardships, such as the Civil War and countless hurricanes, but each time the citizens proved they could recover and rebuild the city to be better than before!

Today, Biloxi is home to the Keesler Air Forces base and the Biloxi Lighthouse. The lighthouse was the first American lighthouse to have several women lighthouse keepers. Biloxi is the setting of several works by Neil Simon and John Grisham. Jimmy Buffet even included his cover of Biloxi on his album in 1977! Jimmy Buffet then went on to title his greatest hits album Biloxi in 1995.

There is never a shortage of fun in the city of Biloxi! Every year, Biloxi hosts a variety of festivals, concerts and events to entertain both residents and visitors. These festivals and events allow visitors to see all Biloxi has to offer while also showcasing the city’s unique diversity and blend of cultures! Concerts are frequently held in Biloxi, thanks to the wonderful casinos that call the city home.