Social Media Ads

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Almost everybody is on social media. Scrolling, posting and keeping up with the socials is a daily habit of millions of individuals everywhere. By utilizing social media with the help of our experienced social media marketing team we can create a modern marketing strategy for your business that outshines your competition.

Social media is also great for advertising. If you’ve scrolled through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform, you’ve probably noticed the inclusion of ads interrupting the feed.

This ad space is both effective and affordable. The trick to succeeding in social media advertising is the polish. At Southern View Media, we specialize in creating targeted ads with effective and out-of-the-box content to grab the attention of the right audience.

The first question you might ask is which platform to use. There are tons of them out there, and each has their pros and cons.

Facebook sits atop the social media throne due to its inclusion of businesses and brands on its platform. Ads are what drive Facebook, without them the platform could not survive free of charge. As a result, they give businesses many tools to use for a small fee. At Southern View Media, we’re experts at creating Facebook Ads for companies and brands. Our services will place your business in front of an audience that want to actively engage.

Facebook ads come in many forms, including:

Image Ads

Simple, easy-to-make ads utilizing an image and some copy that will entice the viewer to click to see the rest of your message. These ads are often created by “boosting” existing posts.

Video Ads

Videos or GIFs that are autoplayed on peoples’ desktop and mobile feeds. Simple, yet effective!

Instagram Ads

Yep, Instagram! Instagram is a Facebook platform, and as such, it uses the exact same tools that Facebook does.

Video Poll Ads

Mobile-only interactive ads that bump engagement by asking viewers to vote.

Carousel Ads

Like an image ad, but allows you to show up to 10 images that can be scrolled through, each with unique captions.

Slideshow Ads

Mobile-only ads that lead to a form fill that your viewer can fill out easily, often without a lot of typing. Fantastic for basic contact forms for gathering leads!

Messenger Ads

Places your message and branding specifically on Facebook’s messenger app, totalling over 1.3 billion users!

Stories Ads

Places a message between your friends’ stories as they’re scrolling through. Younger users are very attracted to this feature.

And even more!

Meet the mighty social media algorithm.

Social media algorithms take the reins of determining which content to deliver to you based on your behavior, and it changes often to ensure platforms are maintaining quality content that encourages engagement. Spoiler alert: algorithms aren’t necessarily perfect- not by a long shot. If your page content isn’t being seen, then it’s time to consider paid social advertising. Applying social media best practices, keeping up with the quality standards of social media ads and creating ads that shine to grab your audience’s attention is what we excel at.

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to reach everyone, but we know sending the right message to the right audience is more effective at meeting your marketing goals. The Southern View Media team is here to help you decide which platform will serve your business best because we know it can be overwhelming.


Southern View Media’s digital marketing experts keep up with trends and always design a personalized digital advertising plan that utilizes the best of each platform. If you’re interested, contact us today!