New Orleans, LA


New Orleans, Louisiana is the picture of southern hospitality, culture and parties! Known for letting the good times roll, New Orleans will always keep you on the edge of your seat, as the city allows you to explore more than you’ve ever seen before. The city is world-renowned for many reasons. New Orleans has an exciting history, full of colonization, creation and celebration! New Orleans was founded by indigenous people who called the area “land of many tongues” and claimed it for the abundant ecological resources. It was then claimed for the French Crown in 1682 by explorer Robert Caveleir, but it wasn’t until 1718 that the city was named La Nouvelle-Orleans by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. French engineers then set to work to lay out a grid of streets with a Place d’Armes, which is today more commonly known as Jackson Square. The city officially became the capital of French Louisiana in 1723. On December 20, 1803, French Louisiana was officially sold to the United States by France, and ever since it has been an epicenter of culture unlike any other!

As New Orleans continued to flourish into the beautiful city it is today, the city founded many art forms, most specifically jazz music! Music has always been a birthright in New Orleans. Even before jazz, music united the citizens of the city and the city has continued to make contributions to the worlds of hip-hop, rap and funk music. The jazz age saw the rise of the literary and artistic community within the city, involving figures like Tennesse Williams, William Faulkner and Ellsworth Woodworth. Later in 2005, the city faced tragedy head-on when Hurricane Katrina tried to blow it away. Over eighty-percent of the East Bank flooded and thousands of people were trapped in their homes for days! Yet with the profound love spreading through the city, civilians demonstrated true southern hospitality and helped their neighbors through tough times.

New Orleans is considered home by many and has so much to offer both residents and visitors alike. The city is home to the New Orleans Saints, a National Football League team who brought home the Super Bowl Championship in 2010, as well as the New Orleans Pelicans, a Nation Basketball Association team who won their division title in 2008! New Orleans is world-renowned for its stylistic French architecture. It has had to be restored over the years, but has continued to inspire future architects around the world. In the French Quarter, visitors can witness this amazing beauty first hand, as they walk through the streets browsing vendors and eating beignets. At the French Market, visitors are able to find unique items from vendors, while also listening to local musicians and watching street performers. Around the city, ghost, voodoo and history tours are offered to anyone who wishes to embark on the adventure! On Bourbon Street, the party never ends, so feel free to join in the fun, but remember, drinks are on you!

New Orleans truly lets the good times roll! Dying to see what the fun is about? Well, the Crescent City is always waiting on you and while you are here schedule an appointment with Southern View Media. We’ll help you explore the new social media scenes to expand your business into one of the busiest cities in America!