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Custom Website Design and Development | ihcsolutionsusa.com

IHC Solutions contacted Southern View Media after purchasing a franchise for ZONO Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cabinet. Their goal was clear: they needed to be able to reach Head Start Centers with the ZONO information, and the website provided directly by the franchise was not cutting it.


Southern View Media’s design and development teams worked collaboratively to create a website that not only explains what ZONO is, but effectively explains how it is an essential part of any Head Start program. The ZONO franchise company has said it is the best website they have seen a franchisee develop.

The technical side of the website was not complicated, but the client had very specific design requests. We provided a custom design for the front end of the site and added a WordPress CMS once completed. They also requested password protected site areas, user logins and an effective way to showcase videos without slowing down the site’s loading speed, all of which were fully and successfully implemented.


IHC Solutions has seen sales of ZONO cabinets skyrocket since launching the new website. They have reported sales increasing by 127% year over year (pre-COVID-19), and up 598% (post-COVID-19).