Google Ads

Why use Google Ads?

There’s no way around it, your website’s success depends on Google. It’s often the only way people are able to find your website organically. Many businesses rely on search traffic to stay visible. Google is hard to predict and changes their search algorithm frequently, making it difficult for websites to optimize long enough to consistently appear on the front page. The Southern View Media team of digital marketing experts by-pass the algorithm with Google Ads campaigns.

Google Ads isn’t a replacement for SEO, but it is a means to garner viewership and engagement through targeted advertising to your potential customers. Most of the time, this is accomplished through running ads on Google’s own search engine. By carefully choosing effective keywords and designing a message to entice searchers, our advertising team at Southern View Media can boost your business’s ROI.

Southern View Media - Google Ads Process

Our Google Ads Process

We will:

1. Set consultation to gain a full understanding of your business, your budget and your marketing goals

2. Create connections between your ads and your website to ensure you know exactly what people are doing once they reach your website

3. Create keywords that reflect what your target audience is searching, and constantly update them to ensure accuracy and effectiveness

4. Create ad copy that sparks interest

5. Retarget leads with more ads on other channels

6. Provide access to your reporting dashboard so you can track your ads’ performance in real time

What can Google Ads do for you?

1. Google’s reach is massive. At a tremendous 92% of the search market share, it’s almost guaranteed that your target audience will have a chance to see your search ads.

2. Your ads will serve as an answer to a question, rather than a nuisance to their online viewing experience.

3. Experience a quicker boost in viewership than standard SEO practices alone, especially when working with an advertising agency.
Southern View Media - What can Google Ads do for you?

The fundamental issue with creating Google Ads yourself is their competitive nature. With so many businesses competing for similar, commonly used keywords, it can be a struggle to break through to the top of the page. With Southern View Media, we can optimize advertising and ensure that you are competing for keywords that fit your needs and your budget.

Display Ads

Google has website partners across the web with built-in ad space called Google Display Ads. These ads are like digital billboards and designed to entice clicks from viewers as they traverse the internet. You have likely seen display ads as you click around websites, the same way you see billboards as you drive. At Southern View Media, we have a design team ready to create branded ads that will get your target audience excited to engage with your business.


Retargeting involves collecting lists of leads who have performed actions such as viewing your ad, visiting your website, or filling out a form on your 'contact us' page. Retargeting is the usage of that list to create Google ads that specifically target those individuals and ask them to re-engage with your business. Retargeting is more of an art than a science, but can be incredibly effective when done correctly. At Southern View Media, we utilize retargeting to catch missed leads and improve ROI for our clients drastically.

Shopping Ads

For our e-commerce clients, Google Shopping ads showcase your products to the people searching for them. This type of ad features detailed information about specific products that you sell. Shopping ads also work well in conjunction with other types of ads such as search ads. Having both running at the same time greatly increases your chances of seeing more conversions.

With Southern View Media, you can rest easy knowing that we will utilize every ad channel necessary to ensure your business’s visibility and profitability.

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