6 Tools Your Team Needs to Work From Home

Tools are what help you get things done. Whether your office is closed for the day, or your job is primarily remote, these free online resources below make it easier than ever to work from home!


Asana is a great app for looking at projects on a bigger scale. Divide your projects into smaller task lists, specify deadlines and communicate in real-time on the app itself. Add your entire team to your project to get a full-scale view so everyone is in-the-know. You have access to create reports and process insights, as well as balance privacy and transparency. This means if you have a client, you can include them on that specific project and are able to run reports to show the progress of their project. 


On Basecamp, divide all of your work into projects and assign them to team members. It is a great virtual toolkit with checklists that make it easy to watch projects move towards completion. There are also message channels so your team or client can talk in real-time. Keep your projects organized by utilizing folders and tabs that are easy to create and find. To-do lists keep you on track and are helpful letting your team know what is due, who is supposed to complete it and the deadline. Basecamp also has an app, so you are able to access all its content even on the go!

Google Drive and Google Hangouts

The services that Google offers never seem to end. Google Drive gives you 15GB of free space and is compatible with numerous file types. You are able to share, store and create documents as well as backup your computer files. Google Hangouts is a free messaging, voice and video chat service. With this tool you are able to hold conferences, meetings and share your screen all in real time. If your team already works with Google, then these two services are perfect for working remotely. Both of these apps are also available on your phone making being organized easier than ever!


Slack is a great resource that combines the services you and your team already use in the office! The app sorts your different topics of conversation into channels, so it is simple for your team to access information anywhere at any time. With their latest biggest redesign, it is even easier to use and is made for mass remote working. With this tool, you won’t slack on communication!


Similar to Google Hangout, Zoom is another great free video conferencing service. It also offers other services like personal video chat conference rooms, a cloud system and personalized apps. So whether you are hosting a meeting or joining, Zoom offers the solution for your company.

Working from home can either benefit your productivity or decrease it. Don’t let a crisis or day at home slow you down! Utilize these six tools and their services, and you and your team will be sure to not fall behind. Now, see what you can get done!