Goodbye, Google My Business

You may have heard about the newest change Google is implementing: getting rid of Google My Business. You may be thinking, “What?! They can just… Get rid of it? How will anyone find my business now?” Don’t worry – we’re here to help explain this change so your business can have a better understanding of how to move on in a post-GMB world! 

While Google My Business may be going away, your business listing will not. Google is simply encouraging business owners to manage their single listings directly. This can be done by using either the web interface or mobile apps. Instead of logging in to a separate console, Google My Business, business owners can now manage directly. Simply put, Google is moving the profile management out of the Google My Business app and putting it directly into Google Search and Google Maps.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

Depending on whether or not you own multiple business locations, this change may or may not have a significant impact. If you are the owner of a single listing, you will simply manage that listing through search or maps. If you own a larger business where you manage multiple locations, however, virtually nothing has changed; you will still use Google My Business to manage listings, with the name being the only major change so far. 

New Features

With the name change comes a few more additions to listing management. Google has added new features that your business can take advantage of from here on out. These new features include the ability to claim your profile directly in Google Search and Google Maps, review call history, message directly from Google Search, and control read receipts. 

Editing Profile

Businesses that will manage their listings directly from Google Search will now notice an edit panel once they are logged in with their Gmail email address. The options listed are ‘edit profile’, ‘promote’ and ‘customers’. The ‘edit profile’ section allows you to change hours, add photos, adjust services or even add products. The ‘promote’ section is dedicated to marketing and promotion. From this menu item, you will be given options that allow you to create ads, get more reviews or update customers on changes. The ‘customers’ section allows you to further engage with customers by replying to reviews, responding to messages and answering questions.

The change in Google My Business may scare you at first, but at the end of the day, Google is just simplifying the platform to make usability more enjoyable overall. If you are struggling with managing your listing or are looking for ways to further promote your business, Southern View Media is here to help! Give us a call today at (251) 517-9425