How Facebook Reactions Are Driving Your Posts to Get More Visibility

In 2018 Facebook yet again changed its algorithm. In one of the most important changes, the social media giant aims to promote more “meaningful content.” So, what exactly does this mean? For one, Facebook reactions are driving your posts to get more visibility. You may not even be aware of this. With that, gone are the days of simple “likes’ that help you reach your audience. Now, what does this look like for businesses like yours, small and large alike?

How do Facebook Reactions Drive Your Posts to Get More Visibility?

Facebook assigns value to posts, responses and reactions. Then, it pushes the posts with the highest value to the top of the News Feed. This little-known fact can help you get more engagement. First, when Facebook announced Reactions in 2017 they said the values would be equal to likes, unlikes and, well, the like! Now, the value of Reactions is greater than that of other responses to posts. Your Facebook assigned value will be higher when you have more Reactions. This can push your post to the top of the News Feed. This small detail is really important for businesses that depend on Facebook for their bottom line.


Did you know that Facebook assigns value to posts and reactions?


Why the Change?

Now, many people wonder why this change came about. First, Facebook believes many people respond to a post without really reading it. We’ve all been there. This is true. Scroll through. Like, like, dislike. Done. Engaged. Right? Wrong. In Facebook’s pursuit to provide a truly personalized experience, it has uncovered the value in Reactions. People in reality read through a post much more thoroughly to give a Reaction. Instead of a response.

Think of these top 5 post Reactions. Isn’t it easy to see how we need to really read a post to chime in appropriately?


  1. Ha Ha!
  2. Wow!
  3. Crying, so Sad!
  4. Happy!
  5. Angry. Grrr.

What’s in a Like?

Even more, likes are ambiguous. Vague. Someone may post that their beloved pet is in critical condition at the vet. They get 100 likes. That like can mean, “we’re with you, man!” It can mean, “I don’t like dogs anyway.” It can also mean “I didn’t really read this but you are my friend so I am slapping a like on for support.”

Facebook thinks: “Do you like me? I mean really like me? Then say so.”


How can you get more Reactions to your posts?

If you look over all of the Facebook tricks and tips one theme is clear. Provide engaging content. This leads to more Reactions. First, step away from your product. Give your audience content that moves them beyond you. But, this will indirectly engage them with you. Sneaky? Maybe. But audiences demand it. Think of the top brands you follow. Many that are soaring with Facebook success spend at least some of the time not talking about themselves. They may post about a recent celebrity’s passing. Relevant. Moving. Not about them. And yet, leads back to them.


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