The Power of the “Like” Button and How it Drives Traffic on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Created in 2009, the “Like” button is a symbol that we have all gotten used to seeing and using on a daily basis for nearly a decade. This powerful little icon gives users the opportunity to engage in social media posts along with, comments, status updates, links to news stories, videos, and pictures, all shared by friends and family. Another element the button provides is the ability for users to “like” advertisements which can be a driving force for increased traffic to your social media platform.


The pioneer in liking and sharing of social media content. One little like by a user can have a profound impact on a post. A form of social media approval, it allows users to give a “thumbs up” on content you have posted or shared. This item will then show up on that user’s Facebook friends news feed which is viewed by all their friends and family. The more people who see the liked item (and like it themselves) the more impact it can have on the original post. More exposure will lead people to your Facebook post which they can like as well and will add to the snowball effect as it shows up in people’s news feeds. These features can help create more brand awareness, bring more attention to your website or Facebook page and potentially lead to new customers.
The button also shows how many people have liked an item. This feature can give you an idea how of much of an impact your content is having on users.


Acquired by Facebook in 2012, this photo filter app now has more than 600 million users. An algorithm is in place to help determine which posts users see first. Loathed by some but praised by others, the algorithm looks at how much and how quickly a post receives attention. The more likes and comments your post receives in a quick amount of time, the more likely it will be the first thing users see when they open the app.
These two features work together to garner more engagement for your post.
Timing is everything with an Instagram post. Posting at a time when your item is more likely to be seen will increase the chance for more likes. Studies have shown that lunchtime (between 11 am and 1 pm) and nighttime (7 pm and 9 pm) are the best times to schedule a post.


Similar to Facebook, but with a business side, a liked post or comment will be shared within a person’s network on LinkedIn. Known as “connections”, these people within your network will be able to see the activity you have liked. They will then like and share your post and more traffic can be increased toward your profile.
The true beauty of the like button, that separates it from other forms of interactions, is its simplicity. No major thought, no articulation, just pure binary emotion. A single click of the mouse can communicate interest, support or sympathy.

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