5 Hot Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Turn the heat up this summer by launching your most aggressive marketing campaign yet. Do you need some ideas to fuel your creativity? Southern View Media can help you with these campaign starters.

Get Social

If you’re not utilizing social media to grow your business, then you’re already 20 years behind your competitors. Summertime provides an endless range of opportunities for you to promote your business. Try some of these marketing strategies:

    • A summer vacation photo contest. The winner gets free product or services from your business.
    • Provide summer tips for customizers looking to utilize your business during the hot season.
    • Load your newsfeed with photos, videos, and blogs that are related to summertime. Your media posts can range from entertaining to instructional.

Get Out More

How often do you or your business get out into the community to create awareness of what you have to offer? Here’s an idea:

print up 500 flyers, get in the car and hoof it down the sidewalks, downtown, in the parks, or wherever else there are people. Make sure that you stay within city ordinances regarding solicitation. If 500 flyers and 3 hours of work lands you 5 more clients, then it’s mission accomplished. Here are some other ways to spread the word.

    • Print up some coupons with your logo on it. Offer free or discounted services for first-time clients and pass them out.
    • Set up a booth at a local city festival or other large gathering event and display your products or services.
    • Go to the beach and hand out free custom water bottles with your company logo and contact information on the labels.
  • Join some professional organizations in town and offer to host a cookout or other summer event for other business owners. It’s the perfect way to network. **If you need help printing materials, we can design them and print them for you!

Support a Charity

Local charities are always on the move during the summer. They’re also looking for volunteers. Get together with the team members of your business and come up with a cool way to support a charity. You might want to even host a fundraiser. This will not only increase your exposure, but it will also let people know that you are a contributing member of the community.

Beef up Your Referral Incentives

With increased activity during the summer come increased opportunities to get referrals. Although discounts, free products, and gift certificates are great incentives, it’s time for you to get creative and try something different. Whatever you do, you need to develop an incentive program that is downright irresistible to your clients. Translation: something they will actually use within a short period. Some examples could be:

    • Cash. Everyone loves cash.
    • Gift certificates for your business or another business in town.
    • Vacation giveaways.
    • Strike up partnerships with corresponding businesses related to your field to develop win-win incentives for referrals.
  • Prizes are great incentives. Create a custom package prize filled with summer items that are ideal for a family outing out on the beach.

Free (or Low cost) Advertising

There are dozens of free advertising opportunities out there for business owners who want to take advantage of them. Although we could list hundreds, here are some quick, easy, and effective advertising opportunities for free.

    • Public bulletin boards: colleges, offices, government buildings, etc.
    • Business partnerships and advertising trades
    • Magnetic signs, bumper stickers for cars and vans
    • T-shirts for your team
    • Drop business cards off everywhere you go. Make sure they land in somebody’s hand
    • Public speaking and event teaching
    • Create a press release and send it to all applicable local media outlets
    • Find local directories and add your business info to all of them
    • Attend local networking events
    • Join the chamber of commerce and other official business agencies
    • Provide free consulting

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