Coming Up With Blog Ideas

Finding a blog subject week after week can be a challenge. Don’t get locked into a rut by answering the same questions or detailing the same situations. Here are a few places to get inspiration when you need to write a blog and haven’t decided on a subject.

Business Interest

Tie your blog into the business function. A business needs to convey good information about their mission, products, and services. The more information a website has, the better they are received by their customers. Find a theme to expound on, and share that information.

Smaller Interest

In many cases, there is a broader group of categories which will tie into the website. For instance, a restaurant may want to showcase the ethnic background of their dishes by giving historical information. A sporting-goods store could tie into events, history, rules and competitions, and more. A design service may tap into history, function, supplier information, and how-to information.

Competetive Websites

Watch your competition. You may not need to mimic them exactly to benefit from their influence. You may get an idea totally different from theirs but triggered by a key word or thought. As a subject-matter expert in your line of business, go above and beyond in a blog to provide important information to consumers.

Forum Questions From Customer Websites

Since the exchange of information is the most important reason to have a website, you can always go to the customer forum and address a question found there using a blog format. Whether it covers a DIY problem, a warranty issue, performance problem, or troubleshooting issue, you may be able to add information to the blog which may have escaped you when you answered a question in the forum.

Current Events

Not all blogs have to relate to the business. Consider breaking the mold by using current events for every other or every third blog. Whether a catastrophe, celebration, holiday, or big news story, these offer a great opportunity to draw interest from other areas.

As you read through this list, you probably had several ideas come to mind. Make a journal, or a list. Ideas happen all the time, and you can learn to capture those thoughts and convert them into blogs for your website. When you just don’t have anything, go to the list for an idea.

Your blog is a great way to engage your readers. You have the opportunity to teach new methods, introduce new products, offer your services, showcase your talents, and so much more. By changing up the content of your blogs on a regular basis, you will keep the interest high.

In the end, a blog is only valuable if it is read. The best information will lay unused if nobody is drawn to it. Take the time to research your topics, and find an interesting way to present the information. You will see a real benefit to your business.