6 Ways to Self–Promote Your Business Online

According to numerous reports over the last five years, 70-80 percent of Americans now shop online. So if you’re not online, then your company doesn’t theoretically exist. If you’re looking for ways to promote your company on the web, then below are six sure-fire methods to get the exposure you need:

Social Media

Roughly 8 out of 10 people in America log onto Facebook every single day. And if they’re not on FB, they’re sure to be on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or some other SM platform looking for ways to spend money to improve their lifestyle. Bottom line: start a business page on social media and post photos, videos, ad campaigns, deals and specials, products, and anything else relating to your business at least twice a day.

Start Blogging

What is your story? What is the story of your business? What are your thoughts on your business, your industry, and your market? Whatever is going on inside of your head put it down in words and start blogging. A well written blog takes you from business owner to chief guru and will help you start a following – that is, loyal customers!

Create Videos

In today’s media-crazed culture, videos are an effective tool for getting the word out about your business. When creating videos you need to be sure to release information that people are going to want to see and hear on a regular basis. So be strategic about the content of your videos. Keep them short and succinct (5 min or less, possible), and make them interesting.

Site Optimization

If you’ve never heard of SEO (search engine optimization), then you’re Google ranking is probably on page six where no one goes because web searchers lack patience when searching for results. Translation: no one is going to see your business listing online. SEO is primarily about the content written on your website. Pick up a book on SEO and learn the basics to help your Google rankings. With the proper SEO strategy you could land your company from page 6 to page 1 and get ahead of the competition.

Local Listing Services

There are at least a dozen online local listing services that you can join for free (although many of these sites have paid service options as well). Some of the most popular are Yelp, Google Places, Yahoo Locals, and even Bing. Encourage your loyal clients to go to these places and leave reviews. It will improve your ranking and get you great exposure at next to nothing.

Get on LinkedIn

No, LinkedIn is not social media. Well, sort of. LinkedIn was designed by business-minded people for business-minded people. It is an excellent online platform for networking, gaining your customer base, and widening your influence to a larger targeted audience. It also has strict rules about how to engage other members and what you’re allowed to post on FB. This is great for business owners who take a no-nonsense approach to social media.

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