How to Make Your Business’ Social Media Social Again

It started with the MySpace craze. All of a sudden everyone was putting his or her lives online. From there it was inevitable that the world itself would follow. From MySpace and Xanga, then Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and everything in between, the world became plugged in and there was a stampede for individuals and businesses to mark their spot on the web. The initial rush did nothing but create a bunch of profiles that businesses have then let fall by the wayside. It has become apparent though that the social media craze was not just a trend and instead is here to stay. Being successful in business is becoming directly related to being successful on social media. With that in mind, here are a few tips from Southern View Media on how to make your businesses’ social media – social again:

1.Follow Others The point of social media is to have people—potential clients—follow you so that you can plug your business and goal. To do this you need to be following others, as well. Follow those that are in your target clientele (some Google studies can help with this) and more importantly follow those who are already succeeding in your field. If you’re a chef then follow accounts like The Food Network and large bakery shop owners. Don’t just copy what they do but use them as a template. You can also use this connection to interact with them; send them links to your recent post, tag them in post, or share posts to their page. If they like what they see, then a share with their audience will exponentially increase your reach.

2.Post Often Business owners, especially those just starting out, are so worried that they’ll be annoying that they don’t post often enough. Don’t let people forget about you! Post frequently so that you remain in the forefront of your followers’ minds. If you have more than one social media account (which side note, no extra charge for this additional point but you definitely should have accounts across multiple platforms) then rotate your posts day by day among them so you don’t feel like you’re suturing one news feed. Facebook is where you will get the most traffic, so try to post there at least once a day…if you’re a boutique this rule also applies for Instagram.

3.Don’t Post Too Often It’s good to have balance though, so also remember not to post too much. “But you just said-,” I know what I just said. And it’s true; you need to find the balance where your customers are responding, but not so much that they unfollow you out of spite for clogging up their newsfeed. A good rule of thumb is never more than once a day for normal circumstances (and it’s good to rotate days too as mentioned above) and never more than three times a day for a special occasion.

4.Be CulturalWe live in a plugged-in world and your followers will appreciate you being a part of it with them. The most popular social media accounts are those that piggyback off cultural trends and news. Pay attention to what the newest crazes are and find ways to relate them to your business. Reference the popular shows or songs that will catch people’s attention.

Don’t let social media be overwhelming and intimidating. Embrace what it can do for you and think of it as the next wave of marketing for your growing company. A few tweaks and pointed posts should help you figure out how to make your businesses social media social again

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