Creating a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Every business should have a vision statement. It is important. It tells what the purpose of the business is in the moment and where the future lies. In the same way, a content marketing strategy is critical for success. Anybody can open a Facebook page and share items of interest onto it. However, if there is no real plan involved, there is no way to measure success. By defining the parameters which you wish to hit and the methods you plan to use to get there, you can build a winning strategy.

GREAT BLOGS AREN’T ENOUGH: Everything you post to your social media should be more than a great read. The goal is to draw attention to your business, whether that is a brick and mortar location or a virtual business. There are several ways to engage your audience within a blog.

INFORMATION NEEDS A DESTINATION: Sharing a great tidbit is one thing, but if you can use it to drive the reader to your website, then you have gotten through step one.

KEEP THEM READING: Build interest to website and keep them there. Market your product or service with conviction. If your product or service is one of the best on the web and you have only a few seconds to tell them, devise a strategy to keep them interested for a few minutes.

GIVE THEM MORE: Whether you have special offers for those who sign up, or you send out a newsletter or other info that interests them, you should find a way to get their information. You can’t count them as a real customer until you are on a first name basis, after all.

FIND OUT ABOUT THEM: Build metrics for your business demographic by asking questions. The more information you have, the better you can work your website magic. If your customers are coming to find a great whatchamacallit, and you are promoting whazzits more heavily, maybe you will want to refocus and capitalize on the whatchamacallits for a while to see if it increases business.

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