Ten Apps That Every Business Owner Should Be Using

If time is money, then you need the right tools to make every second count. Below are 10 must-have apps for your smartphone, computer, or tablet that can keep you organized, connected, and creative.


If you’re tired of restricting payment parameters and high transaction fees, then Square is the way to go. Developed by the founder of Twitter, Square allows you to accept payments via your smartphone or tablet. It’s quick, easy, and portable.


Evernote is the standard for individual or group project planning. You can synchronize it with all your devices, and use it to share and store information for your project as you go. It virtually puts you in the room with other brilliant minds and allows you to build your ideas one post at a time.

Google Drive

Are you still emailing and downloading documents in 2017? Then you’re wasting a lot of time throughout the day and space on your hard drive. Any smart business owner skips that track and goes straight for Google Drive. It allows you to collaborate with industry partners or employees in real-time as you create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other documents. You can edit and share information straight from the same document without the use of pesky emails. Google is truly for the modern, savvy entrepreneur.


Your finances can get complex at times. But you can simplify them in easy-to-read formats with InDinero. This handy app will sync with your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial platforms. It will even give you revenue predictions based on your current cash flow.


It’s known as the most important ‘virtual keyboard’ on the planet. FormMobi is a flexible and functional information-gathering app that allows you to store data quickly and organize it with little effort. You can record audio, take photos, accept signatures, and even design pro-level sketches. FormMobi was built to streamline and simplify your workflow no matter where you are.


Asana allows you to manage both your business and personal life all in one app. If you are the type of professional who likes to keep up with a few personal projects on the side, then Asana is right for you. It’s a timesaving alternative to complex management software. And the best part is, you don’t have to float around on multiple apps to juggle all aspects of your life.


Does your job require you to share information at a fast rate with only seconds to spare? Bump has become the go-to for this type of need-it-right-now environment. Multiple users can trade all types of information such as personal contacts, images and graphics, document files, and other quick data by simply “bumping” two smartphones together.


Expensify took root four years ago and has quickly become the travel app of choice for busy entrepreneurs. Expensify allows you to keep detailed records of business expenses, food, lodging, travel, and other business-related items. You can also scan and file receipts. All of this information can be sent to your accountant at the touch of a button.


If Expensify covers you on the back-end of company trips, then Tripit prepares you for travel on the front-end. Tripit can keep your entire schedule in line by creating a smooth itinerary that takes you from point A to Point Z while keeping you updated on important info. You can keep track of flights, car rentals, and hotel bookings. You can also get maps, weather updates, and detailed directions to your destination.


While all the other apps help you organize and maintain your enterprise, LocalVox helps you get it off the ground. This web-marketing tool is perfect for creating a professional image and building a brand across the Internet. You can create announcements, campaigns, and social media posts in only a few steps. You can also get the skinny on where you should be listing your firm locally or nationally.

Productivity apps allow you to grow your company without being weighed down by the very tools that are supposed to help you work efficiently- all while saving time and money, and sparing the hassle of using large-scale software.

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