Engaging Facebook Posts

It’s easy to fall into the same routine. Managing a Facebook page requires consistent effort to get great results. Avoid falling into the trap of posting the same type of content with these suggestions, brought to you by Southern View Media.

Include Calls to Action

While Facebook can simply be used to enhance brand recognition, most companies want to leverage social media by driving traffic to the business website or other social pages. Including a call to action in your social media posts will increase the click through rate of your content. This can result in increased sales, lead generation, or simply encourage customers to browse your website. After all, the purpose of customer engagement is to ensure they remember your brand when the time comes for them to purchase a relevant product.

Facebook Surveys

People love to talk about themselves and share their opinions. What does that mean for you? Ask your audience questions! Use surveys about lighthearted topics to encourage customers to share their experiences. Ask for customers to vote on the next product offer, the winner of a recent promotion, or feedback on their favorite part of an event. It provides customers the opportunity to contribute and connect with your business, and it provides you with valuable insight. Everyone wins!

Balance Content

Attention spans of social media users are notoriously low, and expectations for interesting content are high. Businesses who stick to the same routine (or don’t follow a publishing schedule) will fall behind competitors who consistently post a variety of posts, videos, livestreams, and gifs. Keep content fresh to keep customers engaged with your Facebook page. The more they engage with your content through comments, likes or shares, the more often it will show up in their newsfeed.

Like vs Share

This is technically a call to action ploy, but one that is intended to increase your social media reach rather than increase traffic to a website. Include a caption with two relevant picture options, and ask customers to like or share depending on the one they choose. An effective like vs share contest can generate thousands of additional views because people who don’t follow your page will see the shares or recent likes from their friends who do follow your business on Facebook.

Share Customer Content

Giving recognition for creative content can endear customers to you. Videos or posts that use your product can also serve as a recommendation. Feel free to share these on your wall, or to encourage user submissions as part of a larger community. These shares and submissions will encourage more of your followers to do the same.

Keep your content appealing! Engaging with customers on Facebook can be a fun experience for both the company and your audience. Use these suggestions to get you started, and contact Southern View Media today to find out what else we can do to boost your social media presence.