How Digital Display Ads Work

If you’re considering advertising online for your business, you might have seen display ads as one of the options. If you’re unfamiliar with display ads, you might be wondering what exactly they are, how they work, what benefit they could be to your business and if they are a good option for reaching your desired demographic. 

What Are Digital Display Ads?

If you spend time online, chances are you’ve actually seen digital display ads. These are the ads that appear on the side or the bottom of apps and websites. They are usually targeted towards your shopping and browsing habits, and you may even see the same ads across multiple websites. So the same way that you see personalized ads while browsing the web or using a mobile app, is how your potential customers will see your business advertised. 

How Do Digital Display Ads Work?

Most digital display ads are part of campaigns from ad networks. These networks have agreements with websites and apps that allow them to display their ads there. The ads are populated through your online habits, which means that when a potential customer clicks on a page with display ads, a bidding process begins for who will get to advertise to them. The advertisers have their ads loaded and ready to go if their ad wins the bid. 

The ads are based on things like location, user demographics and online habits. This information is gathered over time by online search engines to help customize the user experience and provide the most relevant ads. So by the time the website loads, the winning ad has already been put in place for the potential customer to see.  

Why Are Digital Display Ads a Good Advertising Choice? 

Digital display ads are a popular choice for advertising because they work. They help build brand awareness and they are able to target specific demographics in a way that other ads are not. You can target your digital display ads based on things like gender, location, age range, income, likes, hobbies and other qualifiers. This targeting helps your business advertise only to those who are most likely to convert into a customer.

Are Digital Display Ads Right for My Business?

Digital display ads work for all types of businesses, but how do you know if they are right for your business? Well if you know a little about your customers, and want to get your business name out there you’re all set. Digital display ads are low cost per thousand impressions, which means that you can spread awareness of your brand to a large audience on a modest budget. 
With the help of Southern View Media, your business can begin creating impactful ads that help to drive customers, spread information and grow brand awareness. Our team can provide you with a custom proposal showing estimates for the area of your choosing to give you a better idea of how digital display ads might work for you. We can also provide estimated traffic and help conduct the research needed to help your digital display ads be as successful as possible.