How #Hashtags Help Your Social Media Posts

Visit any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and you’re likely to see a post or a tweet followed by a hashtag (#) along with a phrase that is used to promote the business or a user’s page. How are these little guys useful? Will they help your social media posts be more popular in an internet world filled with selfies and cat videos?

What is a Hashtag

Simply put, hashtags help direct users to your social post when they search for content related to what you have posted. With the first hashtag being introduced in 2007 by former Google developer Chris Messina, it’s incredible to think how this little symbol has evolved from an idea to what is now widely using icon in social media.

Promoting Your Post

By using a hashtag correctly and creatively, you’ll be able to generate more traffic to your post. Business owners find hashtags especially beneficial since they help introduce them new customers while also increasing their online presence. For example, a search for #coffee on Facebook will show photos people have posted of coffee but also pages and events with the same hashtag will generate.

Increasing Social Media Engagement

Along with generating new customers, hashtags will also increase social media engagement meaning the more people who follow your business will be more likely to ‘Llike’, ‘Share’ or ‘Comment’ on posts made by your company’s profile. The more that is shared by users will help your business gain traction therefore, increasing your presence online.

Organize Content

Another beneficial item a hashtag provides is the ability to help categorize content based on relevant topics. This will allow users to search content based on what you have posted. People can start conversations based on what you have created and you may end up with a trending topic.

If you do end up with a trending topic, more and more users will become aware your business’ profile and will increase traffic to your page. This can be very beneficial but it is important to keep your hashtags updated. This will also you stay current with trends within your industry.

Also, creating a trending topic can make your post stand out. Trends include sporting events, holidays, and local activities including festivals or concerts. Your content will become more searchable and make your profile stand out among other businesses participating in the event.

Benefits for your User Profile

Also, adding a hashtag to your profile on Twitter, Instagram and/or Pinterest will make you more searchable among users by allowing your profile to pop up first, increasing your exposure to new users. Make sure to add a request asking people to follow your page or to share your post.

Among the most important things to remember is to spell your hashtag correctly. Do not make the hashtag too long or too wordy. Most people don’t want to type out long drawn out hashtags. Users prefer short, catchy phrases (#throwbackthursday), and abbreviations (#tbt) are easier to search.

Remember for your audience. Keep it simple and creative, and enjoy the new traffic to your social media space.

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