Using FB Messenger for Marketing

By now, you likely know the power of social media to grab your audience’s attention and help promote what you do each day. Facebook is an important driver of social media marketing, especially with its ability to schedule events, boost posts and target your audience specifically. Are you using Facebook to its full potential?

Enter: Facebook messenger.

Mark Zuckerberg recently shared that 800 million people now use Facebook messenger! This tool can help make your social media plan more dynamic by adding another level of ability to reach your customers.

Here are a few of our notes on Facebook Messenger marketing:

  1. It’s a great tool because you can private message your customers even without being friends, or them ‘liking’ your page.

This allows you to help customers in real time with any questions they might have – for example, if someone needs directions, hours of operation or more. You can also suggest services, reach out to the customer on a personal level, or handle complaints. This is a great way to take your conversation from public on your Facebook page to 1:1 through messenger.

  1. Be timely with your responses, or create a saved reply.

You may notice when you look at your page, or another local business, you’ll see a score on how fast this business responds to messages. If your work keeps you away from Facebook, you can create a saved reply to let customers know what number they can reach you, and an appropriate time they can expect a response back. Check out tutorials on Youtube on how to do this to set yourself up for success.

  1. Use messenger to learn about your customers

Check the left-hand side of your message, and you’ll notice personal details of the person messaging you – from the inside of your message! You’ll learn who the person is, if they liked your page, and when and any previous time you’ve communicated. You’ll also be able to see where this person works, went to school and where they’re from.

We hope our entry-level overview of Facebook messenger has broadened the way you look at Facebook as a Marketing tool. For a first step, check out your page and make sure you haven’t missed any messages! Next, set up a designated person on your team to respond to messages, or set up an auto-reply. Lastly, see if you have anyone who you would like to connect to via messenger, perhaps inviting them to visit your location again.

Happy Messaging!

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