Why you should outsource your social media

Are you utilizing LinkedIn to the best of its capabilities? Are you posting content that will attract potential clients to your business? If not, you definitely should be! If you are not sure how, there are some strategies you can follow to attract clients.

Develop Connections

The people you meet on LinkedIn are called connections. Those who you have directly connected with are considered “first-degree connections”. These connections are in your immediate network. You can increase your network by clicking “Add Connection” and giving LinkedIn access to your email or by providing emails by pasting them in.  The warmer your first-degree connections are, the more possibilities there are! Here are some ways to improve your LinkedIn connections:

Message them when you can.

Connect and interact with them on social media.

Meet up with them for lunch or coffee.

Watch Your Newsfeed

Most people ignored the LinkedIn newsfeed, but did you know that you can filter the newsfeed to show only news from your new connections? Watching your connections can provide you with competitive intelligence. It may also be a reason not to connect with competitors on LinkedIn.

Get Introduced

You can also filter your newsfeed by recommendations. If someone recently gave or received a recommendation, you may have a better chance succeeding at an introduction to the person who made the recommendation! If someone gave or received a recommendation, that means there is a lot of positivity in their relationship. This may provide you with a better chance at succeeding with an introduction.

LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers for New Business

LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers is a great place for you to find potential clients and to build new relationships. You can answer questions from individuals who are potential prospects to demonstrate your knowledge, value, and expertise. Consider it a preliminary job interview! You can also use LinkedIn Answers to ask questions that may show potential clients by drawing them out! You can ask about their challenges, frustrations, or what is currently holding them back. From there, you can begin building a relationship with them. Just be sure that you are helpful and not sales based. If your company has not started its own LinkedIn Group, you should consider creating one!

The above are just a few strategies for prospective clients on LinkedIn. You can use these techniques to build on them or you can try applying your own methods. LinkedIn is a great tool to find prospective clients for your business and if you are not utilizing it as such, then you are missing out!

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