Geo-Fenced and Behaviorally Targeted Ads: Finding Your Audience

Digital marketing allows businesses to easily get people familiarized with their products and services through several different strategies. One such method to generate leads and build brand awareness and identity is through digital display advertising. Digital display is the process of using display ads, aka banner ads, as a form of marketing to reach Internet users via their desktop or mobile devices. You know digital display ads as the in-page banners that you see at the top, sides and throughout other websites you visit. Display ads can be shown to a very specific group of people, helping businesses get more bang for their buck for digital and mobile display advertising. Random marketing strategies are a thing of the past. Companies are able to benefit from highly targeted digital display marketing methods like geofenced and behaviourally targeted ads to reach out to new leads. At Southern View Media, we can put your business’s products and services in front of the right sets of eyes through these tactics.


Geo-fencing is the process of designing and selecting a digital audience based on a predetermined distance. A geo-fence is essentially a digital perimeter for a real-world place. The “fence” can be a radius around a large-range area, complicated perimeters or a set of boundaries like neighborhoods or voting districts. Ads are then placed in web-based apps or services within that fence. Marketers and businesses can choose who their ads are shown from a chosen zip code down to the exact street. Addressable geo-fencing even allows you to reach a specific household based on their address.

Geo-fencing and following is a great way to effectively reach your target audience. Businesses can engage users as they enter, stay and leave geographical areas or learn about their offline lifestyles from location data. Do you want to show your product to people in town for a big expo? Does your business count on foot traffic stopping by? You can set your geo-fence parameters where your ad will have the most impact. With mobile display advertising, businesses can reach new leads wherever they go and, since more people are on mobile devices than ever before, mobile display advertising can get as targeted as showing a promotional offer to shoppers as they pass by storefronts.

There are multiple benefits to using geo-fenced digital display ads. Geo-fencing allows marketers build brand awareness and make revenue all in quick turnaround time. Businesses can analyze in-app behaviors to suggest products and services in real time. Geo-fencing for mobile display advertising creates a lot of foot traffic and online traffic because of its highly relevant ad placement. Let’s say for example, you’re walking around downtown Mobile, Alabama, and you want to see what the traffic is like on the Bayway. When you pull up your traffic app, you see an ad for a special offer for a restaurant just a block away and, voila! Before you know it, you’re seated and ordering your discounted meal from the lunch menu.

Behaviorally Targeted Ads

As a website user visits different sites on the Internet, they generate data through a variety of means that can be used to determine the relevance of digital display ads for that user. This technique is called behavioral targeting and requires collecting information called cookies through several types of sources about a web user’s browsing and shopping behaviors.

The information gathered helps make more specific ads for that user based on habits and interests, so publishers then show those ads in apps or web browsers. Data like web searches, purchase histories, most visited sites, likes and follows are used to create profiles. A user profile shows businesses and marketers what an audience likes, dislikes and wants to purchase. After analyzing patterns and the information available, users can be separated into different target market groups. Using distinguishing data points from these groups, advertisers can avoid unappealing messaging that negatively affects sales.

Data-centric behavioral targeting provides plenty of benefits for brands, and the consumer, too. Behavioral targeting helps web users avoid uninteresting and irrelevant ads, receiving offers and access to products and services they like, leading to an improved user experience on the Internet. For advertisers and businesses, however, behavioral targeting helps increase user engagement, ad click-throughs and conversion rates. Data management platforms help harvest audience data, organize it and use results for successful behaviorally targeted marketing strategies.

Southern View Media offers complete digital display marketing strategies that will generate new leads, build awareness and increase sales for businesses in the Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama, area. Our team will create a custom proposal showing the estimates of viewable impressions in your chosen geographic area. We can also provide the estimated traffic our digital display campaign can create for your website. To match our professional research, analysis and strategy, Southern View Media will also design and produce impactful, creative digital display ads in a variety of sizes to convey the message you want to send to desktop and mobile users. We’ll monitor and adjust your campaign for optimal budgeting on a daily basis. You’ll then receive full reporting on how the campaign is performing month to month, providing a clearer target market profile of your audience. Start reaching more clients quickly and easily through digital display advertising with Southern View Media. Call us at 251-517-9425 or visit our website.