Hashtag Do’s and Don’ts

Marketing strategies change depending on the current digital landscape. Did you know that there is a strategy for utilizing hashtags in your social media? Any decent marketing plan should include hashtags, whether for a brand, a trend or an overall company. 

But first… What is a hashtag?

Beginning with a pound sign (#), hashtags are made up of words or phrases with no spaces in between. For example: #SouthernViewMediaRocks. Hashtags add your post to a bigger conversation, and they work. A Tweet with at least one hashtag receives twice as much interaction as a post without hashtags.

There is an understood protocol for using hashtags. Here are some things that you should do and not do when using hashtags.

DO Use Relevant Hashtags

How often have you scrolled through Twitter or TikTok and noticed the trending hashtags? Ideally, every post or video should stay relevant to the hashtag; however, sometimes, the conversation is oversaturated with irrelevant content. Some creators only use a hashtag because it is trending, but that does not guarantee engagement.

DO NOT Use Too Many Hashtags

How many hashtags are too many? Depending on the social media platform, you may discover a variety of answers. However, a good practice is to keep the hashtags to a minimum; no more than 3 to 5 hashtags is ideal. Choose wisely!

DO Track Your Hashtags

Which hashtags work for you and which ones do not? #LocalBusinessOwner may receive more traction than #BusinessOwner for you. Tracking your hashtag performance over time can help you improve your marketing strategy in the long run!

DO NOT Waste an Opportunity for Hashtags

Feel free to create your own hashtag, whether for your company or a special event! Hashtags for events like trade shows or expos can help your team track engagement and reactions. So get creative with your next event!

DO Pay Attention to Trends

Stay alert for which hashtags are currently trending! How will your agency, company or brand join the conversation? Trending hashtags are an easy way to generate content–bonus points if it is relevant to your brand or what your company sells.

DO NOT Use Too Many Words In Hashtags

Hashtags should be as specific as possible without being too vague. So when using or creating hashtags, you should not use many words. For example, #BoatSale2022 is better than #BiggestBoatSaleEverIn2022.

DO Have Fun With It

Social media is about trial and error. What works and what does not work? We recommend that you have fun and be authentic with the hashtags. Your audience can, and will, tell the difference.

Overall, hashtags are great for social media because they can benefit both individuals and companies. Hashtags level the digital playing field for conversations, engagement and content, especially when utilized correctly. So how will you add hashtags to your marketing strategy?

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Why You Should Use Reels in Your Marketing

Social media trends rise and fall all of the time. However, after many months, Instagram reels appear to be here to stay. If your business has not yet incorporated Instagram reels into your marketing strategy, then you should. But what are Instagram reels?

Reels were created in response to Tiktok’s popular format: brief videos with audio and organized into an endless scroll for the user. If you already have an Instagram account, then you do not need to create another to post reels. Instagram reels are also separate from stories and even IGTV.

Here are five major reasons why you should incorporate reels into your business’s digital marketing strategy.

Reels Prove That Your Business is Adaptable

We understand that certain industries perform better on some social media platforms than others. However, that should not persuade you from trying to create a following with Instagram reels! Creating reels proves that your business is dedicated to staying engaged with your audience, no matter the platform.

Reels are a Recipe for Higher Engagement

The algorithm rewards those who use it. Posting a video as a reel increases the risk of higher exposure and engagement because of the new ‘Explore’ feature. People do not have to be following your account in order to discover your content with the ‘Explore’ feature. On average, Instagram engagement is already considerably low compared to competitors, so utilizing reels is a great way to optimize the platform. 

Reels are Engaging

You know the old saying… “A picture is worth a thousand words.” By that logic, a video must be worth at least two thousand words, right? Allow reels to capture and portray your brand’s true personality. Compared to static graphics, videos have already proven to encourage higher engagement among different audiences.

Reels are Easy to Create

Reels are designed to be short and easy to consume. As a result, reels require less investment than other forms of content. Also, you don’t need to be an expert to create reels! You can film and edit videos from inside the app. If you already have a video, then with a few formatting changes, you can post it to reels. 

Reels Encourage Multi-Purpose Content

Not only can reels take little time to create, but they also have a long lifespan. Similar to other types of video, you can cross-post your reels to your Instagram and Facebook stories. Or, have you had less time to create content? Refashion the reel into other formats. Transform it into website content. Reels are yours to use!

Have we reeled you in with the appeal of Instagram reels? Overall, reels are magic for adaptability, engagement, credibility and creativity. Push your brand to be its best by investing in reels.

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Why Marketing Should Not be the First Thing You Cut

As a responsible business owner, you are always looking for ways to cut costs while increasing your bottom line. When costs out measure your revenue, you try to find a solution, like decreasing inventory or cutting unnecessary services. Trust us, we understand. However, marketing should never be the first thing you slash when faced with budget cuts.

There are many reasons why you should prioritize your marketing, whether digital, traditional or both.

But First… Why Is Marketing Usually Cut First?

Marketing is viewed as a nonessential service. During any low financial points, including recessions, companies often find themselves occupied with paying salaries and fulfilling benefits. On paper, it may make sense to shortcut advertising spending; however, is it the smartest move?

Here are 4 major reasons why marketing should not be the first thing you cut.

Effective Brand Awareness Requires Strategy

Social media marketing is a great solution for brand awareness. Brand awareness takes time, but it is a worthwhile investment. Cutting any type of marketing, especially social media, sabotages the progress that you and your company made. Furthermore, random social media posts are much more ineffective at branding than a dedicated marketing strategy. 

You Can’t Save Your Way to Profitability

Money that you cut on marketing will most likely be directed elsewhere. So, are you really saving money in the long run? Consider increasing costs in marketing for greater gains in sales, relationships and more.

You Run Into Major Risks Without Marketing

When slashing marketing budgets, you lose more than just a cool commercial or a snazzy social media post. You lose potential exposure and clients; you communicate bad credibility; you run a risk of customers choosing your competition over you. Ultimately, how else will you make more sales without marketing?

Digital Marketing is Booming

Digital marketing benefits both individuals and companies, especially because more people are spending time online, whether shopping, scrolling or commenting. Marketing online makes partnerships easier; marketing online encourages engagement with customers. It also proves that your business is adaptable and credible. There are so many opportunities in digital marketing that it is easy to offset the costs.

At the end of the day, you are the decision-maker for your business. Consider turning against the tide and embracing marketing, especially when your competitors may be doing the exact opposite. Schedule an appointment with us today so that we can find a digital marketing solution for you and your business!

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