Why You Need to Update Your Website Content

So, you’ve launched your business’ website and it looks pretty good, right? However, just because you’re officially online doesn’t mean your work is done. Having a website is so much more than just, well, having a website. In order for your company to have a strong online presence, it is essential to keep your site’s content updated. Why is this so important and how can it affect your business? It may surprise you why you need to keep your website’s content updated regularly.

What is Website Content?

Your website’s content is more than just the biography section or your business hours. Content is everything, literally! It’s the text, pictures, sounds and any video or animation that makes your website more visually appealing. Basically, it’s all the aspects needed to grab hold of a user in order to keep them clicking throughout your site. These little things can make a potential customer spend more time on your website. That means they’re learning more about your business!

Professionally and Visually Appealing

First impressions are everything when it comes to your website. If your website appears out of date or cluttered, you may not receive as many clicks. Stay on top of website design trends by updating your site with the latest technology. A user may become turned off if the site is difficult to navigate or if the links are not functioning. The average person only looks at a website for four seconds before determining whether to keep reading or try another site.

Also, as your business evolves, it’s important to update content such as contact information, employees’ names, and the products and services you offer. Having the correct information gives a more professional appearance and will build confidence in your customer base.  

Updated Content Equals Better Search Rankings

Google is continuously updating its algorithms in order to enhance the search experience for its users. A website with relevant, up to date user-friendly content will rank higher in the search queries. Neglecting to update your content regularly will lower your rankings and may result in the loss of potential customers. A blog is a good source of content because it can be updated daily which can improve your rankings. Keywords can also be implemented which can improve your site’s onsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Increases Customer Base

Keeping your website’s content current and updated can help you grow your customer base. If your site has captured an audience, then people will be more likely to revisit once new content becomes available. More traffic to your website can also improve your search rankings. Google tends to reward frequently visited websites with a higher ranking in search results.

Your website is the window into your company and what services you offer. Having a website with updated content will not only increase your customer base but will extend your company’s digital reach. Check us out and see how we can help with your business’s digital presence. Visit We are a Google Trusted Agency and will be happy to answer your questions. For a free consultation to formulate a strategic and affordable plan, call us today at 251-517-9425.