Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

With the full calendar year wrapping up, it’s time to look at those Insights, crunch some numbers and develop the social media strategy for your brand. This will elevate engagement with your posts, widen your audience and deepen your reach into demographics. We’ve gathered a few New Year’s resolutions to help keep your vision for your social media 20/20.

Use Insights to Tighten Up Your Strategy

The final data points from the last quarter block of the year will help your brand adapt to ever-changing trends in brand interactions. You’ll get overall charts measuring the general parameters of how people are interacting with your social media page, from views to likes to reach and so much more, Insights will help you pinpoint what kinds of posts your 2020 strategy will need to concentrate on replicating.

Stay Updated on Algorithm Updates

As platforms continuously update their algorithm’s coding throughout the year, you need to stay on top of new adjustments to make in your social media strategy. This includes transitioning away from posting at a certain time of day and moving towards orienting your content around topics that will cause a platform’s algorithm to show your stuff to more people. Sometimes there are big changes in an algorithm’s decision-making skills, like with Instagram’s update in November 2019, and sometimes the changes are relatively minor. Regardless, you should make it a point to stay up to date on all the latest social media platform algorithm updates in 2020.

Get More Accustomed to Facebook Creator Studio

With Facebook Creator Studio, you have all the content creation tools you need to post on Facebook and Instagram; including a sound collection library and tips on how best to monetize your page. You can make your videos highly engaging with polls and interactive text, and Creator Studio helps you get your content in front of as many people as possible. There really is so much it can do, from composing and uploading your content to helping you with social media best practices. You’ll get better Insights than ever before on how people interact with your content on your brand’s page. It also doesn’t hurt that you can post to Instagram from your desktop through Creator Studio!

Practice on Your Video Content

The transition to more video content is the overwhelming trend heading into 2020. Everyone agrees video is where people’s attention will be, however, which format will take the reins remains to be seen. Going to live video has been a bit of a bumpy ride across social media. Some platforms have seen it stumble, like Facebook, while others have seen it flourish, like Instagram. Stories have seen a massive swell in use across all platforms with Instagram leading the way in creatively sharing the moments right around you. Facebook Creator Studio wants everyone to make more videos and will help you find the right audience for your page. An interactive 360-degree video will grow over the next year, letting more people experience the sights and sounds of new places. Video chat is on the rise as well, so if you’re creating more video content in 2020, you should be in a good place as you’re creating social media content for a new decade.

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