5 Tips for Removing a Bad Google Review

Bad reviews on Google are bound to happen every now and then to any business. They’re not fun and no one wants to hear that a customer had a bad experience with their company, but it is unavoidable. Although bad reviews are inevitable there are definitely things that can make the situation better. In some instances, you may be able to fix the issue quickly, and in others you may find yourself on the brink of a far more serious problem. Today, we will be going through five different ways you can approach the situation and how you can get the review removed from Google if it is warranted.

  1. Don’t Rush

    Oftentimes, people will take the wrong course of action without thinking about the consequences because they don’t want other customers to see the negative review. But in these matters you can’t afford to do the wrong thing. When you see a negative review on any platform, don’t panic. Read the review thoroughly and try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes as best as possible.

  2. Assess the Situation

    Make sure you have the full story before replying to the review or any other course of action. It’s important to know what led to the negative review and what caused the customer to leave it. For this step you may need to talk to your employees and see who was in contact with this customer, or ask for the customer’s contact information and reach out to them directly.

  3. Respond Quickly

    Taking a long time to respond definitely doesn’t make your company look any better. Most people might think you are trying to avoid the issue. As soon as you assess the situation and feel that you have all of the necessary information, you should respond. Make sure you take ownership of the situation, be honest and offer to fix the issue in any way you can. Give them an alternate form of communication and get them offline to resolve the issue, do not continue a conversation back and forth online.

  4. Is the Review Spam?

    On Google Reviews you can flag a review so they will know to remove it. If you find that the person who has left the negative review is a bot or has never done business with your company, this is the best course of action to take. In order to speed up the process you can call Google and follow up on the flagged review.

  5. Rectify the Issue

    No matter what, try your best to get the issue sorted out. When customers leave negative reviews, they most often don’t leave them lightly. Take ownership if the issue was in fact a mistake on your company’s part, apologize for the unsatisfactory experience and whatever you do, don’t leave it unattended or unanswered.

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