Why is Blogging Important?

As a business owner, you know that a marketing strategy is one of the most important aspects of your business. With so many different options, ranging from Google Ads to social media, it’s hard to know how to divide your strategy while still staying within your budget or allotted time. One unique way to market your business in an oversaturated industry is to use blogs. Believe it or not, blogs drive a lot of traffic to your company’s website, helping to further brand awareness and generate leads.

Driving traffic to your website is something every business owner strives for, and blogs are a unique way to do so. For example, if you create a blog answering some common questions customers have, you may find that customers who are searching for answers are finding them through your blog. This is super useful because it means that individuals who have never interacted with your business or visited your site before are finding you through this new avenue you’ve opened up for them. Furthermore, they will already have a positive view of your company since your blog answers the questions they had!

Blogs are also useful in finding a brand voice and further solidifying your brand identity. Whether you outsource a copywriter or your blogs are written in-house, coming up with topics and finding a writing style really helps you to better understand where you want to take your business. If you find your company works well with writing blogs for a specific niche, for example, you may decide that your brand should change course and follow that path further. Brand voice can also be found through writing blogs. The more you write, the more familiar you will be with the wording and distinct personality your brand takes on in its communications.

Blogs increase your SEO. Writing and posting blogs onto your website also, believe it or not, increases your visibility. The more constantly added content onto your website helps with your organic capability to show up in search engines. Blogs are proven to be the perfect platform to strengthen your SEO strategy. 

Use keywords throughout your blog. Utilization of keywords in the blog entry is critical while characterizing SEO technique. Seeing how to use keywords in your blog entry and setting them accurately in your title, meta descriptions and on-page copy gives you a huge launch when compared to your competitors. You can then also repurpose that blog for social content. 

Generating leads is another way blogs benefit your business. Through answering questions and providing useful resources freely to your audience, leads are sure to follow. Any call to actions you place within your blog, offers you provide or forms you have on your site are now visible to individuals who would not have seen them otherwise. Blogging is the perfect opportunity to sell!

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