Easy Ways to Generate Leads You Can Do Today

You’ve decided to take the plunge and begin your own business, but how will you attract customers? At Southern View Media, we have the answer: generating leads by launching projects you can begin today. Let’s review some of the most popular ways to generate leads; these tips and tricks can be used online, in-person or a combination of both.

Send Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are an easy way to begin generating leads, no matter your business! Emails maintain your company’s tone and brand voice, as well as create and maintain relationships. A well-designed email in an engaging drip campaign is a great way to encourage both new and existing customers to reach out to your business.

Create Landing Pages

The best way to think of landing pages is to think of them as simplified websites. The most successful landing pages are straightforward and attractive; they also promote a call to action that potential customers can use to connect with you and your business. This can be a click-to-call button or a submit form. Landing pages are a necessary tool because they can be modified to fit you, your business and your goals.

Invest in Boosted Ads

Do you want to promote Facebook posts with the click of a button? Boosted ads are the answer! You can customize many different aspects of the ad, including its target audience, its duration, its costs and more. Give it a try for yourself and watch the leads flood in!

Seek Referrals from Current Customers

How often have you asked your friends where they bought an item or received a service? Bring that same energy to your business by requesting that current customers refer you to their friends and family. You can even offer an incentive to those who provide referrals, like a discount or promotional product.

Improve Your SEO

If you’ve just launched your business, you should definitely begin improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO affects your Google ranking, which dictates how high you appear in Google searches. SEO can take a while to become effective, so the sooner you begin, the better for you, your business and your bottom line.

Offer a Free Tool

What type of problem does your business solve? What solutions do you offer? When answering these questions, you may discover that you can offer a free tool to any potential customer. People love anything that is free. Examples of free tools could be an ebook, a blog post, a quiz or more. If you ask for an email address before the client downloads the tool, then you can generate a contact list, too!

These 6 methods are great for lead generation because they can be customized and combined to accommodate any business. Which ones will work best for you and your business?

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