The Five Pillars of Digital Marketing for Your Business

In the past several years, we’ve gone through a behavioral shift in how we interact with the internet in our day-to-day lives. Over 78% of Americans use the Internet and there are over a million new internet users logging online for the first time every day. Our time is spent balancing being present in the digital world and the physical one. Our eyes and time are directed towards screens more often than not. Marketing reflected this change in where people’s attention was held. Since then digital marketing underwent seismic changes, culminating in mobile Internet usage finally surpassing that of desktop computers for the first time last year. With the Internet being available in people’s pockets for most of the past decade, several forms of digital marketing became critical for a business’ success.


Social Media


Social media is instrumental in developing a brand. Each post creates depth, personality and opportunity for businesses to interact with current and potential customers and clients. There are plenty of social media platforms to facilitate these interactions like Facebook and Twitter. However, Instagram and LinkedIn are two social media sites on the rise with their unique applications for marketing, sales and brand development. A majority of people use social media to reference and brief themselves on a brand they’re interested in, with businesses not active on social media losing credibility.


Google Ads


Google Ads is the tech giant’s online advertising platform where advertisers allow Google’s servers to place brief advertisements, offers, product listings, etc. for key search words people are entering in segmented market shares. These bids successfully place a business’ ad in a place where their target audience is looking. It’s a brilliant method of making sure your dollars are spent to place ads in relevant locations. And Google Ads is extremely cost-efficient, with bids costing pennies and your budget is determined only by your business.




Your website is your business’ chance to present itself in the best light possible. It’s an opportunity to create a unique identity for your brand, inform visitors about your business, position your brand as an expert in its field and finally convert visitors into returning clients and customers. Consumers hold businesses that have websites with short loading times, a pleasant color scheme and intuitive interfaces in the highest regard.


Digital Display Ads


Digital display ads is the new term to identify what used to be called banner ads, or the small ads that take up the empty space on a business’ webpage. They’re a form of pay-per-click advertising and don’t just come in banner shape and size anymore. While paid search ads appear on a search engine like Google’s results pages, display ads appear on the sites that are shown in those results pages. These web pages are ones relevant to your product or service, and a more effective placement for your ad. For digital display advertising on the Google Display Network, display ads appear on various types of websites like blogs, news organization pages, Gmail, YouTube and others. A digital display ads effectiveness is measured in impressions and clicks, telling you how many people have seen and interacted with your digital display ad.




Search Engine Optimization is the process of strengthening the quality and increasing the quantity of your website’s Internet traffic by increasing its visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s an improvement of free, organic results. SEO involves modifying a site’s code, adding content like a blog with backlinks and other adjustments in UX to improve the site’s rankings. A significant portion of SEO also involves integrating key search terms into your page’s copy to increase its relevance in search engines’ ranking algorithms. SEO requires an extensive knowledge of many areas in digital marketing in order to be successful, but offers a high return on your investment.


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